In the valley where the butterflies can kiss the wind (Part II)

The sky was shining of the last vermillion reflections of the setting sun, Myria looked at the Lake and sent a prayer to the Gods of Nature:
“Who am I to stand up and fight against the evil? If this is written in the Sacred Book of Fate, please, give me the strength to accept this bargain and give my life for him”
She touched her lips with her fingertips: didn’t she decide already?

In the dark she walked towards home and the stars aligned above her head, to show her the way.
The fire in the hearth was still burning; she sat in front of the fireplace and she stared at the fire tongues.

All of a sudden the fire took the form of a little sparkling woman
“Health to your spirit, daughter of the sun, I am here to help you and to make you stronger”
Myria who was a brave girl replied with a gentle bow “Who are you, may I ask?”

“I am Fyroden, the Queen of Fire and Lightning, and I am here to help you break Aracnia’s spell. If you are strong and brave you will not need to change your terrestrial form or to give up your life…remember when the sky cries all evil is purified…”

“I don’t understand” Myria replied

“You will, Don’t be afraid. Now here is my gift to you!” the flame opened at the feet of Fyroden and a golden ring, with a glowing stone flew in the air right into the hands of Myria.

“This is the heart of Dryanda the dragon of Ater, known as the Darkest Village. To get there you have to follow the northern path over the Dismay Mountain during the hours of light. Once in the village you have to meet the old Babasala, an ancient snail-woman who lives near the cave of Dryanda, she will give you the sacred Stone Key that you need, to be able to enter the cave.

Once in the cave, you don’t have to doubt about yourself or about your love for the prince, or about the love of your prince for you…or you’ll perish”

“How do I know he loves me? I’ve just seen him once…”

“Didn’t he tell you, oh fragile girl, that he wants you to be his queen? Didn’t you live in love with flowers and Nature? There is no Chance in the Realm of Magic, only Chosen ones!”

Myria got tears in her eyes, what if she just died in the hopeless attempt to save him? She did not fear for her life, she was desperate thinking she was not going to see him anymore.

The one window in the room opened suddenly and a warm wind, a delicate breath, reached Mirya’s lips. It smelled of sweet flowers and ambrosia, a gentle sound, floated into the half-lighted room ‘I’ll always be with you my love, you don’t have to fear, since my life has no reason to be, without yours’ Myria immediately recognized Papilion’s voice and she smiled. The warmth of love filled her heart and she turned with renewed courage to the fire, where Fyroden was waiting to continue her speech.

“With courage in your heart and wisdom in your mind, you will get into the first chamber of the cave, from there three holes depart take the middle one and go straight on until you reach a silver portal, the portal protects the treasure of the ancient dragons.

In front of the portal you will find Dryanda and she will ask you why you have come to meet her. You will tell her that you need cure for the vanishing curse. She will ask you something in return; you will show her the ring: DON’T give it to her before you’ve got the counter spell, she is clever and she will try to take, without giving…”

“Once you’ve got the potion you will step back of three steps and you will pronounce this spell:

May the wings of the butterflies kiss the sun
May the lips of the sun kiss the clouds
May the clouds cry on the earth
My the earth give me back my beloved.

This spell with produce a bright light which will blind Dryanda for a few seconds, throw her the ring and run away, she will not reach you, since she never leaves the portal”

Myria nodded and Fyroden continued.

Come back to Lux, go to the meadow and look for the reflection of the sun in the lake. Open the flask you have recived from Dryanda and throw it in the reflection…”

“What than?” asked Myria when no further word came from Fyroden

“I cannot tell you more, daughter of the sun, the epilogue will come to you the way you have made it up. Be brave and pure. Farewell now…”

“No wait!” the fire flickered of thousand sparkles and the quite came back into the little house.

Myria looked at the fire for a moment and then she stepped to her bed “Tomorrow’s a hard day. It’s better for me to rest” she thought.
In her sleep she had a dream in which she threw the potion in the Butterflies Lake and the water begun to boil, but before she could see what was coming out of water she woke up at the cry of the rooster: it was time to leave.


Dear Friends,

this was meant to be a very short story, as usual, but it seems not to be feeling like leaving me alone till it's all gone, so this is part II...I hope you enjoy it.

Farewell now!


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Debbie said...

Your teasing us now Eva..LOL Looking forward to hearing the next chapter.xx

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Debbie: LOL, it's like in the old newspapers, publishing novels in episodes...utterly enerving!

no, the truth is that the novel, really is 'under construction', what you see it's what it's made by now...I am busy + procrastinator...but maybe you know by now :)

Kim said...

I could listen to your stories every single day- I wish I had the same talent. Cannot wait to read the next chapter.

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Kim: thanks dear Kim, i hope you'll like the next one too...

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