In the Valley where the butterflies can kiss the wind (III)

Meadow lake along Richardson Highway, Alaska - (I have taken this picture here)

Myria stood up reluctantly.

She watched at herself and she decided that her dress didn’t suit for an adventurous journey, that’s why she decided to wear an old leather suit of armour which had belonged to her father, it didn’t really suit perfectly, but she felt protected wearing it – the idea of facing a dragon scared her to death, even if Fyroden told her not to fear.

She took then a pouch with a water bottle and a piece of bread

“Better thinking about some kind of weapon…” she said afterwards irresolutely. Than she thought about the Dagger she used to cut the willow branches for her woven baskets, she tucked it in her belt and she left.

The sky at dawn was fabulous: the nightingales were calling each other from the bushes and the air was fresh and smelled of dew.

The Northern path passed through the meadow and Myria was hoping to see Papilion once more, but he was not there when she reached the Lake. The butterflies were still sleeping and the surface of the lake was flat. The meadow seemed to be charmed.

“I cannot hesitate now. Let’s go” said Myria aloud, almost to convince herself.

After a few hours walking, she reached the Valley of Dismay. The Mountain was there in front of her black and cloudy like a wicked giant.

Myria was tired and she decided to have some bread and to replenish her water bottle in the little watercourse nearby. She sat on a stone covered in moss and she took the bread from her pouch.

All of a sudden she heard a little tinkling noise, just at the side of her ear, she turned and she saw, sitting on a bush full of roses, a little elf.

She smiled and the elf smiled back to her and she disappeared, in the bush, just to fly back immediately after, together with a lot of other little creatures. They all carried a big leave full of berries.

Myria ate them all “Thanks my dear friends, I don’t know how I can do that, but I will reward you” she said

“The journey you’ve initiate will bring you to reward all Nature when you succeed” tinkled the little elf “take this elfish meal with you it will give you strength” she continued “the soul of nature follows you. Be careful.”

Myria nodded and after gathering the gift of the elf into her pouch she turned to say farewell, but the little elf and her friends were gone.

The air on the Mountain of Dismay was warm and malodorous but Myria could still smell the kiss of her beloved. She had almost reached the top when she heard a huge noise, like of rolling stones.

She swiftly jumped on the side of the path and began climbing the rock side, when she saw a pack of wolves running down the path. They were no real wolves, but wolves made of stone.

Myria didn’t know what to do. She was attached to the rock overhang but she could not last long without falling.

She closed her eyes and summoned the image of Papillion in her heart, as if by magic a cloud of butterflies appeared around her and it flew away holding her safely.

Myria looked down and she saw the wolves break into a thick dust and becoming a huge black spider immediately after.

“Aracnia!” she shouted “she is following me!”

The butterflies kept on flying while they were holding Myria tight, they went down on a little opening in the path, almost on the top of the mountain and when the girl could stand they disappeared in a nozzle of colours.

Myria started running without looking behind herself and she reached the top. From that point she could see the village of Ater. The mountain was not so sheer at the other side and Myria reached the village before dark. The sun was caressing the horizon and the dark village was still illuminated of the crimson tones of the twilight.

There was no living soul in the streets and Myria was asking herself if that village was veritably populated, when she saw not far from where she stood a little hovel, shaped like big shell, behind it a cave, the cave of Dryanda

‘That must be old Babasala’s house’ thought Myria and she walked towards it with renewed hope.

The girl knocked lightly at the little door and she heard a hoarse voice saying “Come in Daughter of the Sun, I was waiting for you”

Myria got startled but she forced herself to be courageous, she pushed the pearly door and she entered the big shell.

Good Day to you dear friends,

As you can see I haven't been able to finish the novel yet.

It will end up in a 300 pages book probably  * O_o *

The reason is some drawing projects (below sneak peak on WIP)

and my exercises for the art lessons...then I would like to participate to ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY AGAIN...so many things I want to do...and NO TIME, NO TIME!

But I promise not to give up and I will try to give you every day a new "chapter"....I hope you'll bear with me!

Now I am off to the shop...

I send you some stardust and a lot of love
Take Care


PS: once again sorry for my English and if you find some very big mistakes, and you want to let me know, i will be gratefull. I try to think in english, but it's not easy and I am sure my text is full of  "Italianisms" too...
PPS: the Fungus drawing (mushroom dwarf) is inspired by works of  Linda Ravenscroft I have bought one of her books about drawing fairies and creatures and I have taken some features for my little character...


bipbip said...

Io aspetto sempre "the italian version" ma almeno il titolo sono riuscita a tradurlo!!!

Kim said...

I like it this way- little snippets of the story to think about and dream about until the next part is revealed. I agree with you---not enough time for all I want to do! I am off to do my work and dream in the background of butterflies carrying Myria away. Big hugs Eva ♥

Shirley said...

My goodness, you are so busy with this wonderful writing and your art, as well. It is amazing to me that there are those who can paint and write so beautifully! I look forward to seeing more and visiting often...and I thank you for your kind visits and comments - I hope to get my work done so that I can join in on the Illustration Friday fun again soon...and hope that you can find time as well! Keep up the great work!

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@ Bipibip: ¨-¨' ti prometto che arriverà, anche se con le mie tempistiche potrebbe essere tra un BEL PO'...spero che non ti stancherai di seguire...

@Kim: As you can see I am stuck again...I am working on the next chapter though...i hope you'll keep on following!
HUGS, xxx

@Shirley: You are always so kind to me!
It seems we both have more things we want to do than time to do them ^_^
It's nice to know that, on the other side of the Ocean you are working with me!
Thanks for your support!
Hugs xxx