Boxes from the woods....

click on the pictures for a bigger version

Good night to all, old friends and friends to be!

here is a new set of boxes I have been working at.

they are small nestable boxes (the longest sizes are respectively: 16cm, 12cm, 8cm)

They are made with watercolours which have been fixed and treated, so that the boxes can be cleaned with a soft towel.

if you are interested in buying them let me know :-p

now I am off to bed

oyasumi nasai! sleep wel!


Kim said...

Eva- these are absolutely gorgeous! I can see how hard you have been working and learning in your work- I love these so much- really fabulous work!

PS- Don't worry about a story- you are so sweet :) I know you are busy- I am so happy and proud for you for how creative you have been and how hard you have been working on your art ♥

Shirley said...

Gorgeous boxes, Eva! Wow, you are so talented. Thank you for your kind visit..it's wonderful to see your work again..I have been amiss. Have a great night and weekend ahead!

theartofpuro said...

They are wonderful!