Kakuto  (団栗) means acorn cup, cupule in Japanese.

I have been thinking about a little oak spirit, he had to be handsome but skinny, naughty but cute.

here you have a rough sketch.

I hope you like it!
I wish you all a bright day!


Saskia said...

Wow.... je ben de laatste tijd heel erg creatief bezig... je hebt je eigen stijl, en dat vind ik nu juist zo fijn!!

Zonnige groetjes, Saskia :)

Kim said...

of course you know I love, love, love this sketch! I want to see more!

Pan said...

I love your art work!

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@Saskia: dank u Saskia, ik ben inderdaad konstant bezig de laatste tijd. Ik vind het fijn om te tekenen. Dank u voor jouw lieve woorden.

@Kim: :-) yes I know, and I am now making a drawing of Kakuto in colour. I hope you'll like it...if I weren't so busy I would like to write a story of Kakuto for you...I'll do my best :) Have a nice day dear Kim!

@Pan: Thanks so much!