Berry - Work In Progress

Good Morning dear friends!

I don't have any finished work by now but I thought to drop by...

I don't actually like to submit WIP's, since when I do it I always screw the drawings afterwards, but this is taking a bunch of time to finish (I have alredy worked 4 hours on it!) and I want to submit something so here you go...

then maybe you can tell me what you think.
what I have used by now:

watercolours (W&N), mechanical pencil 0.7, derwent super soft watercolour pencils outliner derwent inktence black and a copic marker blender (I like to use instead of water on watercolour pencils...than you don't have the splash effect, it's very smooth )
take care all of you and have a bright weekend full of colour and magic!



Kim said...

oh Eva- your work is really had an amazing transformation. This is beautiful right now- I like how part is completed and part is just sketched in. Wonderful work again!

Shirley said...

Eva- WOW! Can I second what Kim just said? Your work is blossoming and it's just fantastic! Love the details and the whole feel that I get from it. Thank you, dear Eva for your wonderful visits - you are so generous. It is a pleasure always to visit you! Monsieur Olivet sends his love. : )

theartofpuro said...

Your work is great,can't wait to see it finished:)