Summer and low cost flying rubbish!

Hi There, dear friends!

I have been visiting my mom over the weekend, the intention was to bring my daughter there on Saturday and come back on Sunday, but EASYJET has cancelled my flight twice!

the funniest part is they cancelled the flights 5 minutes before departure when they already had more than 1 hour delay...

I really HATE easyjet and how unprofessional they are! YOU PAY LESS BUT YOU HAVE LESS TOO!!!
the problem is that when you are a frequent flyer and you mostly fly over the weekend you cannot always afford to pay 500 € for a plane ticket, so we always end up booking with those low cost companies...

I am just happy that Laura didn't have to experience all those waiting hours and car hours to come and go from the airport!
another positive thing is that I have spent a few days more with my family and that now I have to wait a few days less to go on vacation ^_^

and finally I took the chance to draw some stuff....
this is a drawing I have made for my mom. Staedler coloured pencils on A4 canson manga paper.
1 hour for the concept design and final lineart and 6 hour to colour it....

I hope you are enjoying your time.
thanks for passing by Grandiflora's cove.

Take Care




theartofpuro said...

Adoro l'espressione e i colori!Bel lavoro:)

Kim said...

It is beautiful Eva- I am especially in love with the eyes ♥

Shirley said...

So beautiful, Eva! Wow, you did that so quickly. So sorry to hear of the annoying low cost flying issues...it seems that it isn't as easy as it was in the past. Always great to hear from you - your work brings me into a fairytale!

elena fiore said...

SEmpre bei colori e bei disegni, qui da te :-)
Buona giornata, ciao

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

@theartofpuro: grazie mille, mi fa piacere che tu sia passata.

@Kim: thanks Kim, i am always so happy to receive your comments! I hope you are doing well and that the weather is fine at your place.
Thanks a lot for your kind words!

@Shirley: thanks Shirley, I think that the colours are too flat, normally to create the shadows I need a lot of time adding layers of colour...but I didn't have time so consider it a speedy drawing :).About being in a fairytale, I have the same feeling when I check your site(s).
At the end my adventure was not so bad, my boss allowed me to recuperate the time lost...
thanks for passing by and for your lovely words.

@elena fiore: ciao Elena!!! grazie mille per essere passata a trovarmi. Mi fa piacere che i miei disegni ti piacciano :) Buona estate ;-)