My Own Comic...trying to improve.

Hi dear Friends,
I am here again.

I first want to thank the gentle Kim and Nicola for the nice comments on my previous post: thanks girls, your support means a lot to me!

Now the post of today is to share with you another one of my comics in progress.

You get to see the cover and the first two pages all in once, but the whole thing took me one month to complete.

You'll clearly see (I hope) my progress.

I have begun since a few days using a new program for making Comics (Manga Studio) and I am super-duper happy about my investment in buying it it's a GREAT program.

I hope to hear your comments!

Thanks so much to each and everyone of you passing by!


The title of the comic is YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION
and the banner you see on the bottom of the 1st page says "Du är min inspiration" which is the title translated in Swedish since Joachim, the main character is half Swedish.

ENJOY! ^_^

(click on picts for bigger version)

 You are my inspiration - , Berry and Joachim - Eva Russo © 2010


Kim said...

Eva- beautiful work. I like how you have added just a touch of color and I LOVE the first illustration. I also love how you show the adoration she feels in the flowers and doodles between them. I wish I were a better critic for you- this is not my area of expertise but I think you are doing some wonderful work!!

Vecchio Diavolo said...

Thanks so much Kim
You are so sweet and you are such a good friend to me
I send you a big hug
Take Care