Illustrating and more back after...years?...

I am back.
I couldn't find another place on the web that I liked better than this one, so I have just decided to come back.

I hope someone will like me being back but anyway...

What have I been up to...let's see...

I have been drawing, painting, working with felt, singing and reading..

Sadly enough I still have to work for a living and I can't afford a creative job...YET.

yes, I am working at the possibility of doing what I like as a job, but it's still too early to talk about it.

In the meantime my second book is about to be published. It will be published in Italian first and then in English.

It will be available on Amazon probably by the end of this month, but i'll keep you posted.

Here below some drawing for a children novel I am writing for a friend, maybe I'll publish it here once finished...

This is all for now, but you'll see me pop-up more often from now.
take care

"is this a dream?" asked Toby to the stuffed doll - "It's whatever you like it to be" replied the doll.
The field mouse was wearing a Russian style waistcoat and he was holding a sewing needle as if it would be a sword.
"let's go on adventure, Toby!" - the voice of the mouse was soft and encouraging.
Toby took a pinhead and put himself in front of the row, like a real captain.
"Let's go!" he shouted.
His companions made cheerful sound of approval and the parade began moving towards the unknown.


theartofpuro said...

Ben tornata:) Congratulazioni per il tuo secondo libro:) Belle illustrazioni:)

Vecchio Diavolo said...

grazie grazie! che bello trovare ancora un'amica che mi legge qui! un abbraccio!